The Must Haves for Any Bathroom Redesign


Bathroom renovations are one of the most common residental design adjustments made to a newly purchased home.  They can also be a small job that homeowners take on when they are getting their home ready to sell. 

BEFORE of a Client's Powder Bathroom Renovation

BEFORE of a Client's Powder Bathroom Renovation

1.       Selecting a New Vanity

The original vanity in this powder bathroom was large, dark and clunky. For our new design, we selected a furniture inspired vanity from Home Decorators in a light blue color that coordinated with the rest of the interior.  It was less wide allowing some breathing room in such a tight space.

2.       Replace the mirror

An easy and inexpensive way to update a bathroom design is to change the mirror. A smaller, more decorative option from West Elm provided the necessary function in a more interesting way.

3.       Update the lighting

The original scrolled overhead version left much to be desired.  We selected pendants from Crate and Barrel that had both an ethereal and industrial quality to them. 

4.       New Wall Color

Newly colored walls are the easiest adjustment yet sometimes can pack the most punch.  The original color was dull and uninteresting so we chose Gray Mist a subtle taupe from Benjamin Moore that provided a neutral backdrop to the sky blue vanity.

5.       Updated Hardware

Bronze towel rings and soap dispensers from Bed, Bath and Beyond add some glimmer while providing the necessary functions for the space.

6.       Artwork that adds a personal touch

A powder room is the perfect place for conversation pieces or elements of surprise.  The artwork that was selected from the client’s personal collection.

7.       Accessories

This is the cherry that adorns the beautiful cake, accessories can never be overlooked.  Fuchsia florals from Crate and Barrel coordinate with upholstery in the the adjacent family room while they also add an energetic pop of color to the room.

The final outcome of this interior design project was a huge transformation with minimum work. The clients were very pleased and we have had excellent feedback on this lovely little powder bathroom.

AFTER of a Client's Powder Bathroom Renovation

AFTER of a Client's Powder Bathroom Renovation

What do you think of this transformation?!