Red Shield DeDesign Bash

Jewel Toned Interiors at the ReDesign Bash

This year I was given a great opportunity to participate in the Salvation Army’s ReDesign Bash. Once I heard what the ReDesign Bash was about and the cause, I had to be apart of it! I absolutely love the idea of the interior design community giving life back by working with an old piece of furniture & having it help our local community.

Jewel Toned Interiors


Very often things get overlooked because they aren’t fresh & shiny, but all they really need is some creativity & TLC! I chose to redesign a small end table that was donated to us by one of our clients. It was definitely outdated, and still had some spiderwebs underneath it. After taking some time to look through our design library, I found an Eykon wallcovering that became the inspiration for the table’s color palette for the new design. I bounced some ideas back and forth with the team when the decisions got tough. After gathering all of the supplies I couldn’t wait to start it, mostly because I was so excited for the transformation.

image3 (1) (1).JPG


After I had finished, I found a spot in our office to display the table until the ReDesign Bash. Everyone who walked in noticed it and fell in love with it just like I had. Overall It was really a simple project and in the end it was so rewarding. The table was well received at the event and was sold for $140! I am so glad to have participated and I can’t wait to redesign another piece for next year’s bash!

Custom Agate Table