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This Condo Design from Jewel Toned Interiors Will Wow You 

A walk-through of the transformation of a small scale residential interior design project located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  A true fixer-upper, the interior design of this renovation project was provided by a South Florida design boutique called Jewel Toned Interiors. 

On most of our design projects, we usually have one or two decision makers that give us feedback. On this renovation project we were working with a family of siblings. Typically this would raise some eyebrows and cause some concern as an Interior Designer.  Many times you’ll hear the phrase that there are “too many cooks in the kitchen.”  However, it was a completely different scenario. Working with this lovely family from Ohio on their residential interior design project was an absolute delight.

 We first met this family while on a photoshoot for a unit within their condominiums in Harbor Beach. They ventured over while the shoot was in progress and asked if they could have a quick tour of the interior design project.  Though sweaty and in our work gear, we showed them around the space, dialoguing about the scope of work for that particular project. On the spot they agreed that they also wanted turn-key interior design services for their renovation and that we were to be involved from concept to construction management. Immediately after that tour, that decision was made and the kick-off meeting for their interior renovation project began then and there!

Condo Interior Design Living Room

It was really special because the two interior design projects literally overlapped.  As far as renovation projects go, this one ran fairly smoothly. Adult siblings had inherited this condo from their aging mother.  It was now to be used by their children and even their grandchildren and would provide the backdrop to many memorable family vacations.

Bedroom Interior Design | Jewel Toned Interiors

The family wanted some small architectural changes with new finishes throughout.  There were only a couple of key items they wanted to remain and integrate into the new interior design.  One of which was a painting of two women and a baby on the beach.  We used the seafoam green found in the scene on the walls for the main living space.

Foyer Entry Area Interior Design

For the kitchen design, we incorporated accents of this color into the quartz countertop in the kitchen. Pops of coral in the accessories punctuated and added some energy to this otherwise serene space.

Kitchen Interior Design Renovation

This calming concept continued to the more private spaces in the condo as the family would be escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life in this vacation home.

Coastal Condo Living Room Decor

For the bathroom design we made it light and airy with white wall tile and pops of our accent sea foam green within the mosaic focals.  Both the master and guest bedrooms are cozy and peaceful with the warmth of carpet underfoot.  We used readily available furniture and accessories to furnish the space to help save on cost.  The best part of the entire project was hearing the client’s reaction of “Wow!” when they first experienced the finished space and seeing their faces light up in awe and satisfaction. 

Bathroom Interior Design Jewel Toned Interiors

We do what we do for the “Wows.”

Jewel Toned Interiors is a top interior design firm located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The residential  interior design project featured here is a recently completed condo renovation. Jewel Toned Interiors also provides design services to a large array of clients including corporate, healthcare, retail, hospitality, restaurant as well as the residential sectors. To learn more about how Jewel Toned Interiors provides an exceptional level of creative and professional services to their clients, contact us today to discuss your design needs

Bedroom Interior Design Jewel Toned Interiors