Adding More Time To Your Day

by devin.png

If only I had more time in the day…. Have you ever heard or said that phrase? We all could use more time in our day. You could sleep less, but who wants to do that?!
You can only take on so many tasks at once without sacrificing the quality of your work. Aside from magic, how can we add more time to our day?


You have the same hours in a day as Beyonce. Everyone has the same amount of time in a day, however some are more effective and successful at getting things done. For some,
getting an earlier start to their day makes them feel more productive. I am an early bird or a “lark”. I love waking up and getting an early start while the rest of the world is
still dreaming. This time is precious to me. The night before, I make a plan or a list of what I want to achieve for the next day. When my alarm goes off my plan motivates me to get
out of my bed, rather than that voice in my head that saying “Just hit snooze!” You may be an “owl” instead of a lark. You will be effective staying up late, accomplishing tasks
while the rest of the world is winding down.

Another way to add more time to your day is to create occasions in your calendar. By taking the time to organize and plan your schedule, you can visually
see your day’s events and activities. It is ideal to leave some flex time before and after any meetings to account for some space and flexibility if needed.
It also helps to schedule meetings or errands that are close in proximity so you are efficient with travel time.


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