Phase 1 : Schematic Design

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Kick-Off Meeting :

The first step is to meet with you to discuss the scope of work for your project and walk the site. We want to understand and acknowledge all of your specific needs
and concerns as well as budget parameters. If available, we receive AutoCAD files from you at this time and if that’s not possible we’ll survey the space.

research + space planning :


Once you’ve provided a signed proposal we make sure to recap all of the information gathered during the kick-off and make sure we account for every single one of
our client’s needs and concerns during this initial phase. By doing this we make sure that our schematic design and concept for the space which is the “bones” of the
project correlates with the needs and function of the space. With all of this information fresh on our minds we then start looking at inspirational images that speak to the
mood of the space. We create a collage of these images which we call a “Mood Board”. Depending on the project and how many different spaces we’re designing we’ll create
more than one Mood Board. These images are purely inspirational and only offer an overall sense of the look and feel for each area of the project. Using this inspiration we
create a preliminary concept and space plan for the project.

client review meeting or call:

This presentation is then sent to the client and followed up with a phone call to discuss the proposed concept, answer any questions that the
client might have, and take note of any necessary revisions that need to be made.


We include a round of revisions during this phase as we strive to make sure our client is fully satisfied with the direction of the project before moving forward.
Once our client is on board with our concept, then it’s onto Phase 2!

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