CCA Color Run

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A few weeks ago the JTI Gems partially sponsored the Calvary Christian Academy Color Run. It was a day filled with community support, amazing weather and enthusiastic participants. We did have to get there by 6:30am on a Saturday to set up our booth, but we all pushed through because we knew we were going to be part of a meaningful event. All of the funds raised went to promoting brighter futures for students by providing tuition assistance, facility upgrades and greater academic opportunities.

When arriving to Calvary Christian Academy we were received by the boy’s lacrosse team who were an amazing help in unloading all of our things needed for the booth. This included a large cooler which we all filled up with homemade snacks and refreshing drinks to keep us sane throughout the day. We have learned from past experiences that we all need snacks in order to get through events so we may have been over prepared.

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After setting up our booth it was picture time of course. Not to brag but we might have had one of the best looking booths there, complete with hanging gems! Our colorful booth was a real eye catcher, especially for many kids who were participating in the event. We had so much fun interacting with them, giving out lollipops and our “pressured” gems which became a huge hit. Of course our only catch was to have them tell their parents they met some awesome interior designers! We also had 3 raffle prizes which included beautiful faux succulent arrangements provided by Ana Roma Designs, and two free design consultations.

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Apart from being such a fun day it was also a day that made us appreciate our local community and the support people showed one another. One of the highlights of the event was meeting a 96-year-old man, who is in better shape than all of us, and who completed the race alongside much younger participants without a struggle. It surely was a day to remember and we look forward to participating in other upcoming local events!

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