How To Accessorize Without Clutter

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After a space is transformed, a small but important design detail is often missed, the addition of accessories and art. Paying attention to the details is one thing that helps bring a
space to life, we call it the icing on the cake! However, if you are not careful, adding decor and accessories can sometimes clutter the beautiful design of your space.
Personalizing your environment makes it authentic and allows you to express yourself. Here are some steps on how to accessorize your space without clutter.

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Select your favorite items that you would like to showcase. When it comes to your office, it may be a picture of your loved ones,  diplomas or certifications.
For your home, it may be framed photos of your family, artwork drawn by your niece or nephew, or even special sentimental objects.
Only display what truly holds meaning to you.

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The beauty of accessories is often the stories behind. Every great accessory captures a moment in your life, and it’s not always a picture.
As your life progresses, there are many memories that will come your way. By adding older pieces with new items, not only are they complementing one another,
you are continuing to tell your story. Again, remember step 1 - only display what truly holds meaning to you.

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As you may have heard from American architect, Louis Sullivan, form follows function. Function is the most important key when it comes to adding interest to a space.
Function can help eliminate unnecessary objects that only have one purpose, to look nice. Items that are useful as well as aesthetically pleasing to the eye should
be easy to access. When something is beautiful and has a functional purpose, that is truly a well balanced piece.

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