A Touch of Nature

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I am the proud owner and founder of Ana Roma Floral Design. It’s been a passion for many years, birthed from setting up fresh floral events but it was in
2006 that I found my true niche,  I transitioned to serving the interior design community with high quality faux botanicals. 

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My mission as a botanical artist is to bring a touch of nature into every interior design space, adding elegance and sophistication
but providing the luxury of being completely maintenance free.

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By using a variety of materials such as driftwood, one of a kind bowls, river rocks then adding preserved lush green moss and the highest quality assortment of
faux Orchids and Succulents, I am able to bring the ‘outside in’ in the most naturalistic way.  The highest compliment I receive happens when clients ask
‘how often should I water it?!’; You can then see them touching it again to make sure that is really is a faux design and even after touching it, they are still not quite sure!

Moss Art, which is the latest trend in Interior Design has become a popular request with my clientele. It consists of a natural material grown in moss farms that is harvested
fresh with its soil still attached and is then put through a process of preservation which "locks in" original color and texture for years to come. The result is a
material that looks completely LIVE but requires zero maintenance. With this art form I am able to accommodate requests from Wall to Wall Installations,
Custom Framed pieces or free formed shapes, logos or lettering.

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“Botanical designs so realistic you’ll need to remember NOT to water them.”

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