5 Interior Design Products Inspired by Nature

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Nature is a source of inspiration for many creative outlets.  Consequently, it has inspired several product lines within the interior design industry.
These offerings extend from the floor to the ceiling with carpet, wallcovering, lighting, upholstery and even room dividers!
Below are a few of our favorite companies that have products inspired by this ever exhilarating muse:


Interface is one the only flooring companies in the Interior Design industry that has a goal of reaching a zero carbon footprint by the year 2020.
It’s one thing to have a product that looks great, but it’s even better to design with the environment in mind!
Having unlimited options for flooring layouts and textural combinations with level set carpet tiles and LVT planks are a game changer as well.
If you want to see it for yourself, stop by our office!

Take a closer look at this wallcovering, I bet you’ll never guess what kind of bird this is! Here are some hints: they are often seen hanging out on the powerlines,
flocking in parks and occasionally playing target practice with your freshly washed car. If you guessed pigeons, you are correct! Animals and nature are so spectacular,
especially close up! Artist Adele Renault captures the unexpected details found in everyday living things, especially this iconic bird.

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As designers, we are pretty familiar with the endless possibilities from 3Form and Light Art. Light Art is extremely dedicated to doing whatever it takes when it comes to their product.
They created a Declare label that informs the consumers of the PVC-Free cable. The earth has been considered in the entire process of creating this unique light fixture!
For more information, you can read about it here on Light Art’s website.


Fabric that is composed out of recycled yarns has come a long way and Maharam is one of the leading textile companies in the Interior Design industry that has used this technique to
manufacture products.  Introducing, Trellis, a textile that was introduced years ago but has remained a foothold in the Maharam’s product offerings. This fabric is made out of post industrial
recycled nylon and is Greenguard Gold certified meaning it doesn’t off gas into our environment like many other textiles on the market. This environmentally friendly fabric mimics the organic
characteristics of creeping vines often found in nature.


The sky is truly the limit! One of our favorite ceiling and acoustical solutions is manufactured by Arktura. We love the organic flow and rhythmic repetition of these
acoustic ceiling panels. They are made of mostly recycled content and are completely recyclable.  This is a perfect example of form following function as these waves actually
help muffle sound waves within an interior. We are specifying this exact product on an upcoming seaside restaurant project!


We hope you have enjoyed our selection of nature inspired products.  Please let us know of any that you have come across and what it is you love about them!

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