When to Hire An Interior Designer

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Let me put it simply; it’s never too early to bring in an Interior Designer! A common misconception when considering hiring an Interior Designer is to wait
until the construction process has commenced. Ideally, a kick off meeting with all parties involved is held to allocate accountabilities at the onset of a project.
It ensures that everyone is on the same page moving forward and creates a smooth foundation at the beginning of a project. This conversation allows
accountabilities to be allocated and lessens the chance of issues during construction.


To escape any major changes, delayed construction schedules and additional costs, contracting an Interior Designer at the beginning of a project can alleviate
these headaches. An Interiors Designer manipulates space at the human scale, accounting for the most efficient use of space and circulation flow within
an environment, both two and three dimensionally.


However, if brought onto a job too late, structural, mechanical and electrical components may be too far along to manipulate and the desired materials may
require a longer lead time that prolongs the construction schedule. This forces you to make difficult and costly decisions regarding the design direction.


Constant communication throughout the life of a project is necessary to ensure a beautiful end product and a satisfied client. This requires the owner, architect,
engineers, interior designer contractors and vendors to be open, honest and most of all responsible.

Are you considering hiring an Interior Designer? Please contact us at jeweltoned.com as soon as you have an idea! We look forward to collaborating together!

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