Does your business have a social marketing strategy?


Do you have a social marketing strategy? If you’re not sure, then you probably don’t. Do you know the difference between a strategy and a tactic?
Maybe you’re questioning why social should even be part of your business marketing.

Why A Business Needs To Use Social Marketing

  1. The reality is, Social is where your prospects hang out, so that’s where your business needs to be also.

  2. Prospects expect companies to be on social.

  3. Social is a platform for interacting with prospects.

  4. Social drives traffic to a company website.

  5. Social participation is one of the ranking factors in Google search results placement.


What Social Platform Should Your Business Be On?

Each company has a different target market. Where do your prospects hang out? That will guide your choice for platform presence. It may take some research.
Just ask some of your customers or see what platforms your competition is on. Guessing is never the right business decision. If your company has dabbled in social
marketing with poor or no results, it’s likely you got caught up in the fun of executing tactics without the guidance of a strategy. Getting back to one of our first questions
— do you know the difference between a strategy and a tactic? It's simple, strategy is the ‘what’ and tactics are the ‘how.’ What is your company trying to accomplish?
Sales are part of most business equations, but to position yourself for better sales you need a marketing plan, a timeline, and goals. Knowing those will put you in a
position to choose the most appropriate tactics. Tactics without a strategy become just an exercise without the means to measure results.


Let’s say your social strategy is to focus on two goals: client/prospect engagement and brand awareness. Everything in your plan should relate to those two goals.
Anything outside of that focus will be distractions spinning you in other directions while going nowhere. A well-thought-out strategy creates a road map that can keep
everyone on track with measurable results.

This post is an excerpt of a detailed blog post designed to help companies create a marketing strategy in alignment with their business strategy.

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