What’s popular for Kitchen Counters, Backsplashes and Walls

by devin.png

Being in South Florida, we find that often have clients that love color tones that resemble the ocean’s pretty blues. However when it comes to kitchens, not
one of our clients/projects have been the same, which is quite refreshing!


Some of the popular kitchen trends right now are bold kitchen cabinet colors with a tiled backsplash that highlights and compliments that color tone. Even for
someone who is afraid to commit to color, a nice slate blue (which we consider a neutral) will do the trick. This allows for an opportunity for a brighter, crisp
counter top. In this beachfront condo, we decided to have both the colored cabinets and a statement counter. A waterfall edge is a design detail that is a must!


Another trend is monochromatic whites. We always like a little contrast with materials, with this color trend that can be accomplished by matte finishes and a
polished countertop. Select a slab that has a blend of subtle movement. For a seamless focal, we have this wrap up the wall to continue as the backsplash. This
trend allows the kitchen to feel much bigger than it is, allowing this kitchen to feel light & airy.


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