So Good, So Good!

by jac.png

Being a leader is defined by integrity, compassion and a willingness to learn. I've had the great privilege of being a part of Leadership Broward's (LBF) class 37 this past year.
I'm so inspired by the group of individuals within my group and those that serve in our community every day. Through the LBF program, you explore critical issues Broward
county faces. Class members collaborate with non-profits on a project that creates a positive impact in our community.


I was so fortunate to be a part of the non-profit organization Urban Farming Institute (UFI). Our team name is Common Ground Gardeners. Our mission is to assist UFI by
growing the capacity and connection of the garden through creating awareness in an accessible space.


The vision of our project is to improve the psychological and physiological well-being of the senior and limited mobility communities. Encouraging them to play in the dirt,
raised planters provides ergonomic access. I love being outside. That's where you'll find me on my days off. When I learned about the challenges UFI faced for those
with disabilities, I wanted to be a part of the solution.


With my background in interior architecture, I used my skills in understanding accessibility standards to help design a garden that would be ergonomic for those
wheelchair bound. Being able to take part in the vision and creation of this outdoor space has been an amazing experience. I'm surrounded by talented individuals with
huge hearts and a passion for what we’re doing.


Team Common Ground Gardeners and the Leadership Broward is a huge part of my Leadership story. When you work as a team with a common goal, integrity
and accountability you can do anything!

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