Phase 3: Design Documentation

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We have just had a successful Phase 2 meeting and it’s now time to translate the design to Design Documents!  These drawings convey the vision to both you the client, and the architect. 
These Design Documents or “DD’s” as we like to call them are by no means to serve as construction documents. The architect incorporates our drawings into their full permit set that is then
submitted to the city for approval.


As part of these “DD’s” is a floor plan showing traffic flow and furniture placement. A finish plan is used to show exact finish locations. A reflected ceiling plan
illustrates any interesting ceiling conditions as well as general and decorative lighting placements. Elevations are crucial to represent any focal wall or feature in your project.


Once this full DD Set is complete we like to host you and the architect at our office for a full DD Set review meeting. We meet prior to drawing submittal to ensure
that the design is being appropriately translated in these drawings and to answer any questions the architect, and in some cases the general contractor may have. 


We love the good rapport and problem solving that takes place in these meetings. We strive to work as a team and are always open to any suggestions that might
arise when reviewing this DD Set. Once reviewed, a final copy of the DD Set is sent to the architect and then… it’s time to wait.

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