Choosing Art That Speaks To You

by britt.png

Choosing artwork for your home or business can seem overwhelming. There are so many elements to consider: size, subject matter, cost, color, style. The vast amount of art available to choose from makes the
decision even more difficult! Many people will choose their art on a decorative basis to compliment a room. While I’m not against art that is chosen for that reason, there’s something to be said for a piece that
stops you in your tracks and genuinely moves you.


You may not know much about art, but I’me sure you know what you like. Why not choose a piece that resonates with you so that every time you step into that room you are filled with emotion? Art has the power to
emotionally impact your daily life, while telling the story of history it provides a sort of visual diary from our predecessors.

At the end of the day, this is your space and if what you want is a blue painting to go with your blue rug, go for it! But one thing I’ve learned from Marie Condo (along with every other binge-watching Netflix subscriber) is
to have items in your space that spark joy. Next time you’re in the market for new artwork, stare at it for a while, see if it gets an emotional reaction out of you in some way. If it moves you in a positive way, I say it’s
a worthy investment! What art are you drawn to and why?

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