Why a Brand Refresh is Necessary


It’s mind blowing how many businesses are set in their ways when it comes to their branding. Many companies will keep a logo that was created for them in the
80’s because it’s comfortable. It’s what they know and it’s what their clients know. Updating your brand may sound scary, but it doesn’t have to be! If you’re
hesitant about changing your branding but ARE looking to make a change, then a simple “brand refresh” is the way to go! A refresh doesn’t mean that you have
to completely change your look; it’s more about updating your look in a fresh way.


Your audiences’ tastes change quickly as does your business, so it’s imperative to adapt accordingly to stay relevant. For example, a current client of ours
owns a franchise of laundromats and, in addition to updating the interiors of his stores, he wanted a refresh for his outdated branding. His logo was
designed 20 years ago by a close friend. He was hesitant to change. Sensing his hesitation and fear that his clients would not recognize his company
after an update, I took the design that he had and added a modern twist to it.


The sun was iconic to his branding, so that aspect of the design had to remain. I kept it in the same location but tweaked its appearance. Same with the yellow, instead of the bright
highlighter yellow that screamed 90’s, we opted for goldenrod, a yellow that embodies sunshine. I replaced the busy script font with a more modern, clean font that would be
easy to read on signage. A soft blue added a secondary color option to their branding that really complimented the new yellow color. It also relates to the cleanliness associated
with freshly cleaned laundry!


The client was extremely happy with the result. He appreciated that we actively listened to him. His brand identity had been elevated but still related to his original logo.

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