Five ways to improve your visionary thinking

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Visionary thinking applies to all industries and professions. It’s not about problem solving or fixing an issue, it’s about creation. It’s about possibility! That’s why our conference room door states as
you enter, “a place to dwell in possibility.“ It may sound illusive but, it’s more tangible that you might think! I implement a variety of ways to aid myself in vision thinking, here are my top five ways.

Let’s start with the definition of visionary.



This practice might be the most transformative tool I’ve ever discovered. To be honest, before this year, I had a weird idea of what meditation was. I thought you had to be in a certain mindset and in a
specific place to be able to do it. While those two elements definitely aid meditation, it can actually be done anywhere! I’ve been studying the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza this year and his teachings
have shown me the value in meditation. I’ve also discovered the app, Headspace, which offers guided meditations ranging from five minutes to twenty minutes. They can help you go to sleep or
help you clear your mind when you struggle to find focus.



When coming up with design concepts or exploring optional names for a new brand, we often use mind maps. My best friend Jenny Lee taught me this exercise when we were in college. You write a word and then
immediately the word that comes to mind next and continuing until you come up with something far from your original thought. You can try it with anything. It is amazing what you will find when you do this!



I know, as designers we’ve actually been trained in sketching techniques. The truth is, anyone can sketch! Our clients often sketch out their thoughts to help us understand what they have in mind.
In meetings and site visits we often sketch to help us create something new out of the parameters we’ve been given.


Brain dumping

One way to create new ideas is to ramble via pen and paper. Writing about challenges can really aid in problem solving. It relieves your brain of the mental mess by getting those thoughts out of your head and
onto paper. Something about getting it physically into your space transforms the issue from a problem to a challenge when you can read it and see it in print. You can then write a pros and cons list or break down
the issue and tackle it piece by piece. Creatively writing allows you to express yourself. It provides the ability to go back and read through your process and make any adjustments you feel necessary.



Ever since my parents took me to SeaWorld when I was eight years old, I’ve always been drawn to otters. Recently, I realized I share an affinity with floating with these creatures. I met Destiny at
an Entrepreneur’s Organization event in West Palm Beach and was so intrigued by her and her husband’s business. They offer 90 minute float sessions at Float8ion. You know how Eleven floats in
Stranger Things to reach the Upside Down? It’s kind of like that except wonderfully relaxing. A float pod provides sensory deprivation so you are able to fully shut out all the distractions of the
outside world. You go into a chamber of water with enough water to allow you to completely float. There’s no sound, no light and you feel completely weightless. If you want to create something or
work out an issue I highly recommend giving it a try!

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