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Be Our Guest: Essentials for an Enchanting Hotel Guest Room


A hotel guest room should feel like a home away from home!

The art of creating an inviting hotel guest room is all about the little things. So, the greatest hoteliers know the importance of using the right interior designer, one who can conjure up a room that makes guests feel cherished. With subtle touches of design magic, we can help you make people feel instantly welcome, safe, and comfortable. 

Neutral tones that extend beyond the ordinary

Think of "neutral tones" as "earth tones" and the palette widens in its arrays: silvery blues, chocolate browns, slate gray, raincloud gray, cool whites, and elegant creams. 

Also, revisit your thoughts about beige. The color encompasses more variations than you may know. It can be a pale cream or nearly brown, with undertones ranging from pink and yellow to gray.

Simple environmental touches

Today's hotel guest rooms blur the line between the exterior world and the interior one by bringing elements of the outdoors in.

Environmental touches in a hotel guest room can include:

•    Organic fibers, textures, and patterns
•    Artwork that includes raw elements
•    Photographs or murals of the outdoors
•    Natural light

A place for everything and everything in its place

An orderly hotel guest room does not need not be dull or spartan; order is calming. It frees the visitor from visual clutter and gives the room a sense of quiet purpose. 

A well-organized hotel room creates a sense of order and flow so guests can easily navigate the space. If your room is cluttered, has too many disconnected design elements, or the furniture is placed in a way that hinders movement, your guest will be uncomfortable and dissatisfied – and unlikely to book a room with you next time.

Mixed metals

Since guests no longer expect every metal in their hotel room to be a perfect match, interior designers can play with the different colors, tones, and finishes of each metal.

Contrasting shades of metals work together like instruments in an orchestra. They're different, yes, but each one's uniqueness combines with another's to form a beautiful theme. Today's hotel rooms mix brass, copper, iron, gold, and silver to create a beautiful guest space that sings.

Lighting that delights

Not strictly a candelabra, Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast sheds light both literally and figuratively to those who live in the castle.

Likewise, lighting in a hotel room serves a greater purpose. Instead of lighting the room so your guest can read or simply find their way around, consider how the lighting will affect ambiance. It can create soft space, which is welcoming and encourages people to relax, or it can cast harsh shadows, which can make guests feel uncomfortable. Choosing the right lighting is key to creating the right mood. An interior designer will look beyond bulbs and also deeply consider the aesthetic, quality, function, and efficiency of each lighting fixture selected.

The window to the world

Window treatments should perfectly balance form and function. You’ll want your guests to enjoy a good night’s sleep, so you may opt for blackout curtains. But you don’t want the room so dark that visitors feel they are in a cavern. Moreover, a comfortable, visually appealing guest room will have window treatments that integrate with the room’s aesthetics. 

An interior designer can help you choose window treatments that take into consideration:

•    Climate
•    View
•    Privacy
•    Light control
•    Formality of the room
•    Look and design

Be our guest!

If you want your guests to feel comfortable and relaxed during their hotel stay, your rooms need to be more than just a place to sleep. We welcome the opportunity to help our hotel clients build stunning guest rooms they can be proud of and guests can’t stop raving about. Schedule a free consultation with Jewel Toned Interiors to find out how to make your guest rooms truly stand out.

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