Square Footage: 52,000

Completed May 2017

Tampa, Florida

From the initial kickoff meeting to completion, this project is filled with collaborative energy and cultural pride.  An active partnership between Jewel Toned Interiors and Blue Grace Logistics, the client provided insight into

the BGL philosophy from beginning to end. Not only did they embark on an expansion of their existing space, doubling their interior work space, also rebranding their company’s image and iconic elements.

This modern and team enthused space is inspired and driven by colorful environments that encourage thinking outside the box. Blue Grace’s five core values are displayed prominently in the center of the office
and act as the catalyst for many of the design decisions:

  • Their first core value ‘Be caring of others’ is depicted through clean, simple colors and lines, which inspire cohesion.

  • The second core value of ‘Simplify’ continues in the design flow which flourishes in bright colors with the uncluttered use of attractive furnishings.

  • Their third, ‘Pursue Outrageous Goals’ is emphasized by large scale suspended lighting, oversized meeting booths and dynamic patterning in vibrant yellow circles.

  • ‘Embrace others’; the Blue Grace University logo signifies the entry to the Training Room while private meeting booths offer an opportunity to have an intimate
    one-on-one meeting within the hustle and bustle of the main workspace.

  • Lastly, ‘Be happy, be humble and have fun’ creativity was celebrated in the staff’s downtime space. The BGL cafeteria is vibrant in color and offers energetic game
    opportunities providing a space where the staff community can embrace pure fun.


Vibrant and playful colors are generously used throughout the Blue Grace office from hexagon carpet tiles to custom wall graphics. These large scale graphics are intentionally placed to divide the space and assist in way finding.
Collaborative break out zones are located casually throughout the office to intersect the workstations, promoting a quick meeting or break. The larger collaborative area is a perfect spot for group huddles or informal in-house team meetings.
With comfortable stacked seating across from the IT think tank similar to stadium bleachers, it is easy to cheer on a fellow employee during team activities.

Blue Grace Logistics is primarily a technology company that connects the country with shipment delivery via trucks, boats, trains and planes. The selection of materials and finishes relate directly to the technology and transportation services.
The dark charcoals and grays represent roads or plane tarmacs, while the yellow, green and orange bring the pop of color often seen in road signs. The existing repurposed wood wall is very significant for Blue Grace, as wood pallets are a crucial element to their delivery services. Large scale maps are not only used aesthetically, but as an active writing surface to indicate ongoing shipments. The design of this corporate office has been an extraordinary journey,
and we are happy to see the final result come to fulfillment.


Modern | Bright | Collaborative | Fun | Iconic

Blue Grace.jpeg


Sketches + Process +Materials

bluegrace mood.png