Chen Senior Medical Centers

Square Footage: 2,000 - 4,000 | Completed 2016 | Eastern US

“Chen Senior Medical Center is a family-owned primary and specialty care practice committed to delivering superior healthcare to Medicare-eligible seniors” (source, Chen Med website)

Jewel Toned Interiors was charged with the challenge of improving the Patient Experience of these medical centers with a conservative budget in mind.   The client desired a space that was warm and welcoming, offering unique amenities to their cherished patients.  Chen Med also asked for a more open layout with clear sightlines and as few visual obstructions as possible.

Our team collaborated with Chen Med to create a color palette that was regionally specific yet carried a consistency across the family of brands. These photos show one of our local locations, in Lauderhill. The furniture and artwork selected for the South Florida had a tropical feel to it while the Midwest was more subdued in color carrying a slight nod to the industrial component of this region.


The renovation to these spaces involved new flooring, wallcovering and adjustments to the reception counter that allows the patients to have a warm and welcoming engagement with the medical center staff.  A friendly café area that offers coffee, water and snacks to the patients is highlighted with an accent backsplash.   Calming wall art throughout this space give nods both to nature and the proximity of the Florida coast.  Botanicals and table lamps give a residential feel to the space, making the patients feel comfortable while waiting to be seen by the medical staff.  

As a team, we strive to inspire our clients and their end users with the spaces we create.  With these projects the inspiration goes both ways as the vision behind our client’s medical centers is incredibly mission focused, providing an experience for their patients that far exceeds the industry’s standards.  This starts in the beautiful lobby of these centers, as the true magic occurs past the doors of this lobby in the commitment and care of the Chen Med medical personnel.




Tropical | Friendly | Natural | Open | Inspiring

Chen Med Mood Board

Sketches + Process + Materials 

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