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Commercial Interior Design

We are brand strategists and our capabilities include:

  • Restaurant Interiors
  • Bar & Cafe
  • Hospitality
  • Resorts
  • Corporate Environments
  • Office Design
  • Retail
  • Healthcare & More

Whether you are moving into a brand new building or you are looking to freshen up your existing space, Jewel Toned Interiors is here to help you with your commercial designs. Our professional team will guide you through the entire process, from creating a concept, to developing a budget and schedule, and everything in between.


  • 3,000 Square Feet
  • Completed August 2017
  • Miami Beach

Located in a hot spot in Miami Beach, LOVJuice needed a prototype store on an affordable interior design budget. The interior design concept focused on the on-the-go consumer looking for natural, fresh ingredients. Color was used sparingly to allow the juices to pop. The design of the space includes natural wood toned furniture with lime green legs and the use of botanicals as accents. Even with a small space, interior design can make a big impact. 

Blue Grace Logistics

  • 52,000 Square Feet

  • Completed May 2017 

  • Tampa, Florida

This commercial interior design project is filled with collaborative energy and cultural pride.  The client provided insight into their philosophy from beginning to end, which Jewel Toned Interiors used as inspiration. Not only did they embark on an expansion of their existing space, doubling their interior work space, they also rebranded their company’s image and iconic elements.


  • 10,000 Square Feet

  • Completed Fall 2016 

  • Boca Raton, Florida

This office is the home to multiple tech startups with a predominately Millennial workforce. The space required a variety of options for working "outside the box" while generating an edgy, technology driven and fun environment.

Chen Senior Medical Centers

  • 2,000 - 4,000 Square Feet

  • Completed 2016 

  • Eastern US

The design space for these medical centers are warm, welcoming with a color pallet that is regionally specific while carrying consistency across the family of brands.

Eli & Pearl

  • 990 Square Feet

  • Completed August 2015 

  • Plantation, Florida

This privately owned boutique, named after the owner's grandparents, sells high-end women's apparel and unique handmade jewelry.

Jessie Trice Community Healthcare Center

  • 15,000 Square Feet

  • Completion 2018

  • Miami Gardens, Florida

Elements of nature and the concept of healing inspired this medical center interior design, with multiples practices located within one building.

First Fort Lauderdale

  • 8,225 Square Feet

  • Completion 2018 

  • Downtown Fort Lauderdale

This commercial interior design project required an environment that was inviting yet served many different functions of the administrative and volunteer spaces.

  • The design process and results were so much smoother and efficient than we could ever have imagined. We recommend their expertise anyone.
    — Eli & Pearl
  • We wanted to capture our vision for our healthcare technology office in New Orleans. Joy has done exactly that. Her vision was realized exactly as designed. We love it!
    — Oliver, ChenMed, Chief Information Officer
  • I'm so excited with the outcome of the renovation for my yoga studio - Joy designed a space that is both warm and inviting.
    — Julia, Owner + Yoga Instructor
  • Phenomenal job in taking our ideas and creating a perfect design. On a budget they created an exceptional place for our office staff to work in for years to come.
    — Jesse Bernheim, Esquire
  • Through multiple projects, their professionalism has been unrivaled and their commitment to excellence unmatched.
    — John M. Jones, First Baptist Fort Lauderdale

Full Service Interior Design

We provide full service commercial interior design services for corporate, retail, healthcare, restaurant, hospitality clients and resorts. When you choose Jewel Toned Interiors, we will collaborate with you during every phase of the project. From concept development, to effective space planning and floor plan design,   we use photorealistic renderings to help convey the design intent to you. These design tools allow you to envision the completed project and save time and money for all parties involved.