Square Footage: 3,000

Completion 2017

Miami  Beach

The LOVJuice commercial interior design concept was designed around the client's passion for their product offerings. All natural, fresh ingredients and items ready for the on-the-go consumer are at the core of this company's offerings.
In creating the prototype, we planned a typical restaurant store design with eye catching signage and a neutral backdrop that allows the color from the juices to pop! 

Implementing the prototype in this Miami Beach location was a challenge, with a low budget to get the store up and running we had to create an affordable interior design. Keeping this in mind, we utilized the existing high ceilings
and kept the existing kitchen in its original location. Polished concrete flooring sets the tone for raw materials as you enter the space. The ceiling was painted a warm black to help bring the cavernous heightened space to a more intimate scale. 

Fun accessories were placed throughout the interior to capture the crisp and fresh concept. From the wheat grass window display, to the natural wood plank back wall that highlights local foods and products. The existing juice bar
was wrapped with grey toned vertical tiles and a contrasting sleek white quartz counter top. Color was used sparingly; natural wood toned furniture with lime green legs and the use of botanicals throughout the space. 

This commercial design project is a fun way of showing that even within a small space and tight budget; you can make a big impact with a strategic Interior design concept. We certainly enjoyed a refreshing juice after we
photographed the space so if you are ever in the Miami Beach area, be sure to stop by LOVJuice and enjoy the vibe and see our commercial interior design work.


Fresh | Vibrant | Raw | Inviting

Sketches + Process + Materials