Square Footage: 1,100 | Completed December 2016 | Harbor Beach, Florida

While photographing our client’s Harbor Beach condo we met a few of his neighbors who expressed their interest in working with the Jewel Toned Interiors team in the renovation of their mother’s condo. 

The existing finishes were all original, most being over sixty years old.  The clients wanted to open up the space as much as possible, allowing more sightlines to the beautiful ocean view.  Their mother had a beautiful painting of two
women and a child at the beach.  This art piece served as the inspiration for the entire color and materials palette.   Every surface was touched and every space was truly transformed with updated finishes and functions
that served the multiple families that would be using this vacation home.  

The mostly subdued palette of sea foam green, sharkskin, and otter brown made for a serene interior. However, jolts of geranium allowed certain accessories and art to really stand out and add visual interest to each space.
The floor consists of durable porcelain tile planks in light gray, with lush carpet used in each of the bedrooms and a large striped area rug under the living area.  The entry walls were removed so that the galley kitchen
could flow off the main space enabling an open floorplan that can serve a large family.  A flexible dining table was selected so that the space was as open as possible when the vacation home served less people.

Large windows throughout the unit provide a beautiful amount of natural light to flow into the space and recessed lighting creates a light and bright space even in the late hours of the day.  Automatic roller shades can be
controlled by remote, allowing the sunlight entering the space to be controlled when necessary.  Multiple wall-hung mirrors in the main living area reflects this light while making the space appear much larger in size.   

Both the master and the secondary bathroom design consists of mostly white porcelain tile with pops of frosted sea foam glass tile as an accent. The light and bright finishes paired with glass walls for the
shower enable these small bathrooms to look larger while providing a tranquil space.

The renovation of this condo unit was truly a transformation for the family now uses the space as a vacation home.  This project was particularly special as the client donated their entire unit of existing furniture and appliances.
Some of these pieces were repurposed and auctioned off to support the Salvation Army’s Open Door Project.  With the involvement of this project we were inspired to create Createful Giving, a nonprofit that will provide those that
are disadvantaged with furniture, materials and appliances that would otherwise have ended up in a landfill.  To learn more about this initiative, please watch our video all about it.

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