Square Footage: 10,000

Completed Fall 2016

Boca Raton, Florida

The commercial interior office design for the Payventures headquarters is both refined and innovative, acting as the home to multiple tech startups with a predominately Millennial workforce. Upon entering the lobby, visitors are greeted by an expansive wrapped wood ceiling element that frames out the executive board room.  Frosted window films call out the specific logos of the various tech companies that share this office space. The walls have a wallcovering that resembles stacked stone, bringing a neutral opulence to the interior while providing the perfect backdrop for powerful meetings. The custom designed reception desk is the anchor in the entry space made of all white solid surface and wood plank reveals.

 Across from the original reception desk is a custom art installation by a team of local artists. This one-of-a-kind piece is a LED backlit world map comprised of oxidized pennies, an indication of the company’s
service offerings of currency exchange. The world map art offers a conversation starter as you step foot into this tech space. Through the encased reception wood portal, visitors are greeted with stunning views to the exterior.
Continuing the neutral stacked stone wall coverings on all four walls, the large 12 seat conference table grounds the room. Varying shades of grey toned wood plank vinyl floors delineate the circulation between spaces.  

The interior design of the space required a variety of options for working "outside the box" while generating an edgy, technology driven and fun environment. Jewel Toned Interiors chose to use color sparingly in this mostly tonal space,
creating both moody and lively dynamics with strips of lighting between custom wood panels. Fully encased in glass, the executive offices along the perimeter allow natural light to penetrate into the main workspace.
Centrally located, a secondary in-house conference room provides a meeting space for people to collaborate in a more private setting.  This conference room also provides a lounge seating area that promotes
the discussions to continue in a more casual manner without leaving the room.

The main workspace has an open plan with a benching desk system fostering employees to collaborate and generate ideas. Surrounded by walls of painted white brick and suspended wood beams overhead creates a refined industrial tech atmosphere. Edgy commissioned paintings call out the names of the major credit card companies with an artist’s interpretation of their iconic logos. Vibrant colored beanbags and suspended space dividers
add to the visual interest within the surroundings.

A centrally located think tank that lacks visual barriers allows ideas to flow freely. Within the break room walls, various materials are incorporated throughout with staggered orthogonal panels of white
painted glass, green acrylic and exotic wood. The design of the break room was to be used not only as a lunch spot, but a welcoming space for impromptu meetings and creative conversation.
The end result was a distinctive work space that feels both energizing and invigorating.

Tonal | Edgy | Technology | Vibrant

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Sketches + Process + Materials