Square Footage: 1,060 | Completed October 2016 | Hillsboro Mile, Florida

One of the best compliments we can receive from a client is the request to collaborate with them on yet another project.  After the transformation of his Harbor Beach Condo, one of our residential clients asked us to take a look at an
oceanfront rental property he owned along Hillsboro Mile, Florida.  

Location is everything and the gorgeous ocean views from this sixth floor apartment sparked the inspiration for our selection of finishes for this home.The sea specifically influenced the furnishings with the use of sandy brown in the living room
furniture then bursts of cerulean blue in the bedrooms and bathrooms.  The flooring throughout is a low maintenance porcelain tile that has the look of weathered wood, providing a textured backdrop for the contemporary lines of the furniture and cabinetry.

As you enter the space you are greeted with a handsome combination of slate blue cabinetry, bronze hardware, and elegant quartz set against a backsplash backdrop of sparkling mosaic glass.  The floorplan is an open layout with views through to the back of the apartment and onward and outward to the ocean creating an open and luxurious space.  The living and dining areas create a neutral earthy feel.  The colorful accessories and rugs take specific cues from sea life and add a layer of eclectic whimsy to the otherwise streamlined space.  The bathrooms are intentionally designed to be clean and simple with the color coming through in the decor.  In the master, a steam shower encased in glass with teak provides an additional touch of luxury for it’s users.

This condo provides a warm and welcoming environment cleverly combining the neutral colors with nautical charm.  The transformation for our reoccurring client was like no other coastal interior he had ever experienced.
He was and is overwhelmingly thrilled with the results. To see more about this transformation check out our video all about it.

Waterfront | Vibrant | Casual | Handsome | Peaceful

Sketches + Process + Materials